Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is my first post

and so it begins...

My friend Maht asked me a little while ago why I don't blog. He told me that he considered me a "proto-blogger" because before blogging was so easy and everyone was doing it, I was writing odd little manifestos on whatever subject happened to amuse me or annoy me on any given day, and sending them via email to anyone who wouldn't block my messages. It was a bit lo-tech, but it helped me pass time at the dreary, creativity sapping corporate job I happened to hold at the time. And I didn't know there was a better way out there. Anyhow, it amused me, and apparently amused my friends.

When I quit that job in January of 1999 and went back to school for a couple years, I was much too busy (and NOT in front of a computer) to write, so I dropped it. But I did miss it. And I've been waiting for an excuse, or a push to jump in. And I consider myself pushed.

What will I write about? I don't know...probably more of the same sort of semi-mad ramblings that I am prone to write. I may post a drawing or a quick sketch on those days that I don't feel like putting words together. Eventually, I hope to get back to school to pursue my Masters in Fine Arts degree. And when I do, I'm sure that I will probably chronicle that a bit. Art school is rife with source material for a curmudgeon such as I. I'll probably also use this space to chronicle my grand experiment in generosity, too. More on that later.

For now...I hope you are as amused by me as I am.

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