Sunday, April 15, 2007

just sitting here....

...hunched over my laptop, on the edge of the bed. It's a nice height for a bed. It's much shorter than the bed I share with my wife. That bed requires at least one sherpa to guide me up to the summit each night. And my feet dangle when I sit on the bed. The bed at home is large enough to accommodate Polly and I, as well as our brood of 3 and (not necessarily with my consent) one dog.

I can sit on this bed with my feet on the ground. My knees make a nice table for my laptop.

It's been a long weekend of driving, painting, pulling up carpet and assorted other activities associated with helping my brother in law get his house ready to sell so he can move into a different home with his brand new fiancée. I'm tired as hell...beat. I'd feel a lot better if I wasn't actually sick. At least my back seems to be functioning again.

It's quiet here. Polly (the former Miss Street) and Amanda (the soon to be Mrs. Street) have run off to the store for some decorating-type things. Area rugs, I think. Jim, my brother in law is far enough away that I only hear small sounds of some activity for which I am not required. I was finishing getting dressed. I thought it was time to finally put my socks on this morning. So far I've managed to get one sock on.

And now I'm just sitting here...

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Chris said...

Getting old sucks doesn't it. The mind is willing but the flesh not so much. Hope you're feeling better today.