Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So here's the deal. Maht over at the Moontopples blog took some really nice photos in late september and thought that he'd commit to doing a photo post every day in the month of October. He called it "Phoctober" because it sounded vaguely dirty. He invited anyone who wanted to participate to join in the Phoctober festivities, and to let him know, and he'd link back to those who joined in the fun.

He even linked back to my birth control test post without me asking him to do so. Awfully nice of him to do so, since I had intended to participate, and kept putting it off.

Last night, I went through some of the photos I took throughout the month of october, intending to do one big Phoctober post that sort of chronicled my month in visual terms. Most of the photos I took were of weather phenomena. There were some foggy morning shots, as well as some beautiful sunrises that looked like Maxfield Parrish had painted the sky above my house. And then there were the photographs I took of my son Ross the day he had an angry confrontation with some pavement.

Apparently one of his friends was tugging on Ross' shirt and let go. Ross tumbled forward and hit the ground, resulting in some nasty looking abrasions.

We weren't super concerned about this...kids will get hurt. I don't really like it when the kids get hurt. But I do like to take photos of their injuries, if they are particularly notable. I'm just weird that way.

As I was deciding which photos to run for my Phoctober post, I had some difficulty deciding how to crop the photo of Ross' injury. It was interesting to me to see how the photo changed depending on how I chose to frame it. This quickly became more fascinating to me than the various weather phenomena I photographed. The photos are at turns sad...chilling...defiant...confrontational.

I'm curious how each photo affects you, blogreader. Let me know what you think. Does each one affect you differently? Or am I just a bit mad?

Just remember: no children were intentionally harmed in the posting of this blog.


Travelz said...

I, too have spent much of my life in cubicles. Your stories of the employment agency are funny, and all too true. Anyway, hi from a fellow traveler. Photos are curious and interesting, and I'm not sure why.

Loved the post on the pregnancy test. I have to say I've never seen anything quite like that.

Taffiny said...

In all photos your son has beautiful eyes. I wish I had such eyes, though not if they will be framed by great red bruised areas.
The photos do have slightly varying effects, but all are a bit unpleasant.
My son came home with his glasses broken in half down the center today. He had a very unclear story as to how this had happened.

Chris said...

Did you coach him to have that inoccent, deer caught in the headlights look? He really does look like one of those kids in the ads for sending money to help the poor orphans. Perhaps theres a money opportunity there for you.

No, that would be bad.

My trick as a kid was to walk full force into walls and knock myself silly and it always resulted in a big goose egg. It explains a lot now that I think about it.