Friday, March 23, 2007

i don't mean the french!

When I arrived home from a particularly exhausting day at work, I noticed a frog on my driveway. It didn't look much like the frog image I have posted here. This frog is rather exotic and doesn't live in Illinois. I believe it's more of the South American variety. You're welcome to correct me if I'm wrong.

The frog on my driveway was probably of the more common green variety found all over the midwest. I say probably because it was difficult to tell, as it was not so much a frog as a smear that looked like it was probably a frog.

It had apparently been run over. I didn't photograph it; even if I had, I probably wouldn't have posted a photo of it. I don't know that you, my gentle readers, are interested in that sort of grotesquery. (I don't know that "grotesquery" is a word, but I like it. If you like it too, please use it, but you must send me a nickel every time you use it.)

Don't feel bad for whatever pain the frog might have felt when it was run over. I found out later that it was dead prior to its flattening when my wife mentioned to me that our son Ross had noticed that the frog had been run over and exclaimed, "Mom, you ruined a perfectly good dead frog."


Chris said...

I am a complete wimp. I feel sad when I hear about things like this. I mean I know it's just a frog. But still, it was a living creature whose life was prematurely taken because of man.

What will happen to the tadpoles back in the pond, who will feed them? Whose sister will no longer get the fright of her life now that there is no frog to put in her bed? What about the poor experimenting teenager that was hoping to try that frog licking high that he read so much about, will he just move straight to heroin instead?

It is a tragedy.

I am ashamed of the tole humanity has taken on mother nature.

- really, I feel bad for the frog.

basest said...

it's okay to feel bad for the frog. i did, too. its loss of life is likely a tragedy to all the other frogs it touched in its unnaturally shortened life. rest assured that there are many more frogs living in the pond behind my house--many frog aunts and uncles and possibly grandparents to care for the little tadpoles, if the wildlife i rescue out of my window wells on a daily basis is any indication.

and since i don't know exactly how the frog was killed (only that at some point it was dead and intact), you can imagine that it died peacefully in its sleep while taking a nap in my driveway.

Anna MR said...

Mr B,

Hello. You ask me to leave a little bit of myself here, so you've only yourself to blame (fool, don't you know vampires can only enter invited, same goes for blog comment terrorists). Anyway, here it is: a little bit of me. Don't worry, I'll get by alright without it, there's plenty more where that came from.

I found my way here, in case you're wondering, because I was most titillated by you correcting Maht Moon's Hamlet quote. So now you know.

RIP frog


basest said...

Thanks for stopping by. It is my deepest desire to tittilate people from long distances. I hope you come back for more.