Thursday, March 8, 2007

rescue me! - epilogue

Whew! That was a close one!

It turns out that my car started easily with a set of jumper cables and a very tiny bit of knowledge (i.e., how to connect the damned things--which is one of the few automotive-related tasks I can actually perform). I thought I'd just drive to work and hope that the car starts at the end of the day, but my mother-in-law insisted that I take the car to our mechanic just in case.

So we did.

And then he told me that I should drive the car to work and give the battery a chance to charge up so that we can be more certain what the problem really is. I thought it would feel good to be right, but it really didn't. It was nice to change up my my morning a little bit.

After my initial panic wore off, I looked around the car and realized that I wasn't as bad off as I thought. I had a bottle of water. I had my Wonder-Woman lunchbox which contained 2 cokes and leftovers from last night's dinner. The meal was mostly rice, so it would have been a real mess to eat. Desperate times...

I also happened to have my copy of Palm Sunday by Kurt Vonnegut in the car. I really love this book. Mine happens to be a 1st edition, but I suspect even later editions are just as enjoyable to read. Even if things got really desperate, I don't think could have brought myself to burn it for warmth (this is the problem with first editions). I think I would have just read it until I fell asleep and then drifted away peacefully. It would have been a nice way to go.


The Moon Topples said...

That sounds, uh, traumatic. Glad you survived.

Where did you get a 1st ed. Palm Sunday?

basest said...

thanks, was harrowing. I'm getting therapy to help me deal. I don't really know where I got Palm Sunday. I've had it for quite some time...probably around 5 yrs. I think it was a used bookstore in Elmhurst. Or Villa Park. The funny thing is, the price sticker is still on there but it's generic. I know what I paid for it, but not where I got it.

Chris said...

Too funny.

I too have had the experience of being stranded. But for me, no cell phone, it was after midnight and snowing (I can hear the violins already). I only had one quarter for the payphone and when I called my Dad it went to voicemail. Talk about feeling alone in the world.

Shortly after that I was given a cell phone as a gift - out of guilt I'm sure.

Your post made me laugh. Thanks

basest said...

once again, I'm glad I could amuse you. next time, i'll be sure to be in real danger so that people will give me the sympathy I seem to crave!